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I have been asked repeatedly from a variety of people
from all over the world about meditation.

How do I meditate?
Where can I learn?
Why is it so hard?

Meditation is a deeply profound practice that will bring untold benefits
into your life if you persist in practicing.

Meditation can be challenging, meditation can delve into complexity, meditation can provide a pathway to the realization of immense spiritual truths.
However, at its most basic, it involves a series of simple techniques and procedures. These techniques help calm the habitual stream of thoughts that most of us live with, each and every day of our lives. By cultivating a more balanced, peaceful mind, one cultivates a greater freedom and happiness in one’s life.

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Chinese civilization has been responsible for discoveries that have influenced the wider world for centuries.  However, one of the most profound products of Chinese thought is yet to penetrate the modern world.  It is the art and science of Qigong.

Qigong (pronounced Chee Gong) is comprised of two Chinese characters – Qi and Gong.  Qi is often translated as ‘breath’, ‘air’ or ‘energy’, but with respect to Qigong it translates best as ‘life force’.  ‘Gong’ translates as a study, exercise or skill that is cultivated with patience and persistence over time.  Thus, Qigong can be directly translated as ‘life force cultivation’.

Qigong today refers to the set of practices that involve consciously moving Qi through the body to promote health, wellbeing, longevity, martial arts prowess and spiritual cultivation.  Thousands of different systems of Qigong have evolved over the centuries, focusing on these different aspects of internal development.  The ancient Chinese discovered this through their quest for immortality and spiritual enlightenment.  By quieting their minds and focusing in deep meditative practice they became aware of the movement of Qi within their bodies and were able to direct this Qi at will for health and spiritual effect.

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Have you ever wanted to do something…

Had a desire to accomplish something…

Had every intention of achieving something…

But then you don’t end up doing it?

Why do you think this is?


Or another question:


If you can’t do what you choose to do, how free do you think you really are?


Your ultimate freedom is itself, a choice, made so much easier with some subtle but profound changes to your lifestyle…

We have access to the wisdom of the ages like at no other time in history, along with knowledge derived from technology and ideas that our ancestors could have only dreamed of…

Are you ready to make some changes?

Join me and explore both ancient and modern wisdom in the science of personal improvement and make the choice today to create the beautiful life that you can choose to have…

Are you ready to change your life?

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Joshua Black is a man in crisis. Having lived for a decade numb by material distractions and fleeting pleasures, he is suddenly ripped violently from his comfortable slumber. Reminded of his lost love and his former quest for meaning, he is compelled to travel the world in search of answers.

Encountering philosophers and scientists, doctors and sages, he finds answers to questions he never thought to ask and meaning that he never thought possible. Made aware of the unlimited possibilities that surround us, Josh is constantly reminded that our lives are all reflections of the choices we make.

His journey leads him to make critical decisions that will change his life forever…

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Strength flows from choosing kindness over hate, compassion over judgement… These choices change your world & the world around you…
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