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How to realise your goals and dreams

How to realise your goals & dreams…

So we are almost two months into the year and I suspect that for most of us we have fallen comfortably back into our regular routines.  Many resolutions made only a few short weeks ago have now been reconsidered or abandoned, along with the burden of some guilt of not living up to our own expectations.

Why is it that our best intentions are so seldom met?
With declarations like New Years resolutions, our intent may be pure, but how we hold ourselves to the vision of our new selves often falls short.


Our resolutions that we will eat better, quit smoking or exercise more are abandoned when we do not immediately conform to our new ideal.  We declare ourselves a failure due to ‘breaking our resolution’ and fall back to comforting habits, often the very ones we were trying to change!


The solution to this cycle lies in how we choose to focus.


Having short, medium and long term goals are excellent tools that help us move forward in the direction we want to go in life, but the only way these are achieved is through a collection of day-to-day actions.  We need to start our day with the intent to make it the best day possible, one where we take small but significant steps towards our goals and dreams, one where we find happiness and peace for ourselves and those around us.


Actively bringing this daily intention into each and every day will transform your life.
Maintaining our direction for only a single day is something that can be achieved by us all, and more importantly, it feels achievable.  ‘Just for today’ takes the pressure off us towards our ambitions and gives us the space and freedom to take the baby steps that will eventually accumulate into our grand visions.
This also helps us when we inevitably have a day that is less than ideal.  All is not lost with our greater goals for our ideal selves as they remain unchanged and steadfast. The next day soon arrives again with it’s fresh promise so we can again make our best efforts towards being our best selves.


So shift your perspective, shorten your vision and focus on making a difference, one day at a time…


What were your New Years Resolutions? How are you going at achieving them?


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