Help me choose the cover for my upcoming novel!

I would really love your opinion in choosing the design for my book cover!  This project has been a long time in development and I am now in the final stages before publication.  I am very fortunate to have the help of one of my closest friends, the extremely talented designer Brad Maxwell, in producing a number of beautiful pieces of cover art for my book.  I now have the difficult task of making a choice!  So I’d really appreciate a moment of your time for you to give your opinion on which direction I should take.  Click here to go to  my survey to leave your opinion until the 27th of October.

A brief preview of my forthcoming book:

“Spirits at the Dawn of Day” is a work of philosophical fiction, written for anyone with an open mind that questions their daily reality and the validity of the lives we are all compelled to lead.   It deals with philosophical conundrums and ancient esoteric insights, but remains grounded in the scientific, economic and political realities of the world.  The binding philosophical question that appears throughout the book – ‘How free are we to choose the lives that we do?’ – is a question pertinent to us all…

The book details the inner journey of Joshua Black, a journey he is forced to take when his outer world is suddenly made unbearable.  This is a path we are all destined to walk, but the world we have created and the daily task in our lives perpetually distract us.  When taken, this journey of discovery is always challenging but ultimately profoundly rewarding…  When someone starts this voyage, they are never the same again…  This is something primal.  We are all unconsciously driven on a journey of self-discovery, and we ignore this drive at our own peril…

Click here to see the design concepts in contention and please leave your opinion!

Thank you so much for your time and input.  I’d also welcome any feedback on twitter and facebook.

My book is now available in paperback and on Kindle from Amazon!  You can download the first 3 chapters to get you started for free by clicking this link.


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  1. says

    The design No 3 better than because 3 is very important for all of our earth that sunraise sunset of day..and water is important all of our earth..Its my opinion.

    I hope your health and success and good luck ?

  2. says

    You if you chose, could try closing your eyes with allthe covers in front of you. Take a deep breath, relax and see where your hand takes you.

    Ultimately, the one of the red sunset and sea is rather calming but effective. :) xx

  3. says

    I sent you yesterday to my opinion is # 3 for your book cover.
    I hope you think it and the final decision thinks that it is the best that yourself decide.

    With good faith

  4. says

    I think I agree that the third one, with the orange cover and religious symbols is the best. It looks like you could make some sales with that one, definitely. If there’s a second choice, go for the pink and orange. But in my opinion it’s more typical of novels today. Maybe that’s a good thing. I wouldn’t blame you for favoring the last one over the third, but they say red covers are best for marketing, so avoid black (although my first book was black and white, and my sales were fairly poor).

  5. says

    Hey there! I love making decisions when it comes to anything related to designs so I can’t help but share my thoughts….hmmm.. I personally like the #3 only because it’s more captivating and eye catching. The color/design complements the title of your book. When I think of dawn of day, I can’t help but imagine everything lightly sun kissed and glowing with amber as the sun comes up… very beautiful, isn’t it?

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