How to create ‘flow’ in performing any task…

Breathe slowly…

Breathe deeply…

Allow your body to relax…

Allow the thought of your task to come into your mind…
Are there any uncomfortable feelings associated with the thought of this task?

What is the source of this resistance?
Are the reasons for the resistance enough not to perform this task?

Do not perform the task.

Acknowledge the existence of the resistance…
Understand and accept the thought process…

Let go and move on…

Repeat until no new thoughts of resistance rise to the surface…

What are the positive aspects of performing this task?

Visualise these aspects in great detail…
Allow these positive feelings to permeate your being…
Permeate every aspect of the path to the completion of this task…

Start the task!

Get in the flow state in all aspects of your life by meditating regularly. For further guidance, download my free meditation eBook – “Follow Your Breath to Bliss: A 30 Day Path to A Meditation Practice” by clicking this link.

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  1. Kristie Alers says

    This is perfect. I read something similar in Deepak Chopra’s newest book, “Spiritual Solutions” but the way you explain the steps is so much simpler and easy to follow. I want to print this out so that I can keep reminding myself of the steps to sustain flow throughout the entire day no matter how many tasks need to be performed. Thanks so much for sharing! Namaste.

  2. Salwa says

    With all the graetfull. But I have unclear sourse of failed and eyeache everytime in I want to start my art work. I tried to control it and now. I saied to my self let try the pranic healing this time.
    Thank you.

  3. sarwaduo says

    So, if I’ve understood, it’s about a conscious freedom of choice just letting the flow go through you, isn’t it?

    • Simon says

      That is certainly the aim… Often we get caught up in focus on the resistance and loose sight of the thing we are trying to accomplish. By acknowledging that there is indeed resistance, and then consciously shifting focus back onto our task we can maintain momentum and work through our own unique roadblocks…

  4. says

    This is an excellent exercise for writer’s block where the inner critic can place so many obstacles in my way and prevent me from writing.
    I will also endeavour to use it when clearing out clutter; – extraordinary how interesting I begin to find old newspapers and magazines as an excuse to keep hoarding.
    As usual Simon, your sharing is extremely helpful.

    • Simon says

      Thank you Mary Elizabeth! I also use this technique to break through writers block, I’m glad you found it effective too :)

  5. Nilesh Thali says

    Greetings Simon,
    Beautiful post – this might be very specific to me, but in almost all cases, my resistance stems from fear and laziness, hence i wonder if perhaps delving into the details of “acknowledge the existence of the resistance” would help me? or would you suggest focusing on the positive aspects of the task?

  6. says

    This is a very helpful meditation for plunging into your inner self and uncover the pains of the past that stay present inside but hide under the pile of trivia, yet affecting our daily performance and self-esteem.

    We should definitely glimpse inside ourselves more often in order to acknowledge and work over the pains of past experiences.

    Much love and light!

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