My Year of the Dragon

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Dear friends,

I thought I’d post you all a bit of an update of my year thus far and what is to come before I started posting the many almost finished blog posts I have been working on… 

As alluded to in previous posts my ‘day job’ is as a General Manager of Acuneeds Australia, a Chinese Medical supply company based in Melbourne, Australia.  If someone had told me years ago that I would be in such a position in the business world, albeit surrounded by Alternative medicine, I would have scoffed… the business world was the LAST place I expected to wind up!  I hadn’t had a clear idea of what I wanted to ‘do’ with my life since veering from the path of becoming a professional academic in Philosophy, but I never expected to become a business man.  One cannot often predict the meandering path that one’s life will take, and after not being entirely satisfied studying a Chinese Medicine degree, the path of a business man is what I have walked for the last 5 ½ years.  On reflection, the experience has been extremely rewarding, I have learnt from one of the great mentors of my life and had a more intimate exposure to the capitalist system of economics than I could ever hope for through study at university.    Outside of work I used this time to reflect on what I should ultimately do with my life and how best I can make a significant contribution to those around me and the greater world.

I look at all the world’s problems, like the intergenerational violence that continues on unabated, the widening gulf between rich and poor, the continued neglect of our biosphere, and know that we, humanity as a collective, allow these things to occur.  I know that there are countless paths that we can take together that could significantly reduce these problems, making this existence that we all experience together significantly better for all.  After meditating on this, I think the best way I can contribute to collective solutions to these problems is by encouraging individuals:

  • to live a more reflective life through reasoned inner and outer debate and discourse as taught in philosophy classrooms throughout the world
  • to contemplate answers to the great questions of existence assisted through study of the great minds of both historical and contemporary times
  • to personally develop their inner worlds through meditative, contemplative and energetic spiritual practice

I think that the spread of authentic personal spiritual experience is one of the best ways that we can truly all experience that we are all indeed ‘one’, we are all interconnected, and that contributing to the pain and suffering of others is ultimately harming ourselves as well.  Having an actual, visceral experience of this ‘oneness’ is vastly superior to any intellectual understanding of this concept that one can arrive at.  I have always been drawn to esoteric spirituality and have been very fortunate to have been exposed to a great many teachings and ideas that have helped develop my body and soul.

So, how to best help share and spread these ideas?  For me, it is through the use of technology to connect and create.  I have always been drawn to teach, and now with the ever expanding connectivity of the internet, I can welcome students from all over the world that are drawn to what I have to share.  It is truly an exciting age we live in. Thus far I have been really blessed by all the beautiful people from around the world I have come to know over social media during the past couple of years.  I see that there are so many like-minded people around the world trying to make a difference in their families and in their communities, and this gives me great hope for our collective future.

So, I have now come to the point where I am about to ‘retire’ from my normal job, and pursue a life of creativity and personal development full-time.  My first project on this path, my novel, ‘Spirits at the Dawn of Day’ is soon to be completed and will be released to the world at the end of October this year.  I hope that you all find it a thought provoking read, and are motivated to seek out more information on the many philosophical and spiritual topics I touch on throughout its pages.  I’ll be talking more about this in the coming weeks as the release date approaches, so stay tuned for more information!

I really appreciate you taking the time to read today and I look forward to sharing and connecting with you all into the future.



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    A question and a comment. Do you follow/believe in the Chinese calendar and astrology? I am year of the dog and am having a really crappy year. Too bad I chose this year to begin a philanthropic idea. It seems like every 9 years from the day I was born I have a year like this one. Would love to hear your thoughts

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