We are what we ingest…

you are what you

Our experience of life, our choices and our beliefs, are all guided and experienced in relation to one’s consciousness.  Alteration of your consciousness presents you with a different world, for good or for bad.  Your consciousness is constantly affected by the experiences you have – consciousness cultivated negatively through bad choices perpetuates more negativity, consciousness cultivated with purposeful intent can help transform your world into a magnificent one.
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How free are you to choose your ideal life?

How free are you to do the things you want to do? For most of us I would suggest, not very… Absent of any external constraints on our freedom, all of us have things we would like to do, or behaviours we would like to change. But over and over again, this fails to occur. Doesn’t sound like real freedom, does it? We are usually our own biggest barrier, blissfully unaware we carry the keys to our own cell…

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