My first book trailer for ‘Spirits at the Dawn of Day’ is now available!

Please check out the first video for my book – ‘Spirits at the Dawn of Day’… Views & shares much appreciated!

My book is now available in paperback and on Kindle from Amazon!  You can download the first 3 chapters to get you started for free by clicking this link.

My novel “Spirits at the Dawn of Day” is finally available!

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I am delighted to finally share with you all my novel, Spirits at the Dawn of Day.  It has now been in my life for many years and I am so excited to finally be able to share it with you all.

Please click here to go to my book’s page on Amazon.

I sincerely hope you find some value in my words.

Any shares, tweets, likes and reviews of my book will be most appreciated!

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My book is now available in paperback and on Kindle from Amazon!  You can download the first 3 chapters to get you started for free by clicking this link.


Help me choose the cover for my upcoming novel!

I would really love your opinion in choosing the design for my book cover!  This project has been a long time in development and I am now in the final stages before publication.  I am very fortunate to have the help of one of my closest friends, the extremely talented designer Brad Maxwell, in producing a number of beautiful pieces of cover art for my book.  I now have the difficult task of making a choice!  So I’d really appreciate a moment of your time for you to give your opinion on which direction I should take.  Click here to go to  my survey to leave your opinion until the 27th of October.

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Food for Taste Vs Food for Life

It is amazing how one of the most essential elements for life can bring with it so much guilt and misery! Having quickly evolved technology to feed our every desire cheaply (in the developed world at least) our ancient bodies are struggling to play catch-up with the temptations of the bountiful harvest available to us 24/7. Having evolved very effective mechanisms to adapt to the feast or famine world that was everyday existence for early mankind, our bodies have had little opportunity to evolve to fit the new nutritional paradigm that is presented today.

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2011 and me – Part 3

After Maurice’s passing, it all hardly seemed real. I continued to go to work, managing the company I had worked with Maurice in for the last 5 years as before. Of course, nothing was like before, my main source of satisfaction from my job I was to find, was no longer there. Maurice’s wife flew me to New Zealand to attend and speak at Maurice’s funeral. In reflection, I could not have been more grateful for this experience. I was made so welcome by family and friends, and I participated in a memorial walk on one of Maurice’s favourite mountain trails, something I will always remember. [Read more…]

2011 and me – Part 2


2011-and-me-2 (Copy)

I started crying upon hearing this, when he gently admonished me that he would need me to be strong through this process.  I stopped crying immediately, stunned that this calm voice on the phone from Sydney belonged to a man that had just been told that he was infected with a horrific, in all likelihood terminal illness.  The only positive to come out of this diagnosis is that they were finally able to sort out the excruciating pain that he had been suffering up to that point.  The pain management protocol started enabled him to initially live a life much closer to that he enjoyed before. [Read more…]

2011 and me – Part 1

2011-and-me-1 (Copy)

2011 for me was one of the most challenging periods of my life.  Unfortunately, during such periods I have a pattern of retreat rather than engagement, instinctively preferring solitude when I feel overwhelmed with the world and unable to contribute like I feel compelled to.  I have always had great dreams and ambitions of the contribution I can make in this world, and each year I seem to feel a building momentum towards some massive evolution in my path.  Living a purposeful existence is something I feel as paramount in my life’s journey, purpose something I have had fleeting glimpses of but not felt embraced by for any significant amount of time.  In reflection now I see one of my defining purposes of the last 5 years was to help a great mentor in my life on his final path of which we will all eventually walk.

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