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We are what we ingest…

Our experience of life, our choices and our beliefs, are all guided and experienced in relation to one’s consciousness.  Alteration of your consciousness presents you with a different world, for good or for bad.  Your consciousness is constantly affected by the experiences you have – consciousness cultivated negatively through bad choices perpetuates more negativity, consciousness cultivated with purposeful intent can help transform your world into a magnificent one.
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Food for Taste Vs Food for Life

It is amazing how one of the most essential elements for life can bring with it so much guilt and misery! Having quickly evolved technology to feed our every desire cheaply (in the developed world at least) our ancient bodies are struggling to play catch-up with the temptations of the bountiful harvest available to us 24/7. Having evolved very effective mechanisms to adapt to the feast or famine world that was everyday existence for early mankind, our bodies have had little opportunity to evolve to fit the new nutritional paradigm that is presented today.

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