2011 and me – Part 1

2011-and-me-1 (Copy)

2011 for me was one of the most challenging periods of my life.  Unfortunately, during such periods I have a pattern of retreat rather than engagement, instinctively preferring solitude when I feel overwhelmed with the world and unable to contribute like I feel compelled to.  I have always had great dreams and ambitions of the contribution I can make in this world, and each year I seem to feel a building momentum towards some massive evolution in my path.  Living a purposeful existence is something I feel as paramount in my life’s journey, purpose something I have had fleeting glimpses of but not felt embraced by for any significant amount of time.  In reflection now I see one of my defining purposes of the last 5 years was to help a great mentor in my life on his final path of which we will all eventually walk.

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